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We keep all your information confidential that you have provided us to place an order in At no time this information can never be shared, sold, rent or disclosed to any third party without due permission. We respect your privacy and all our resources always devoted to keep your privacy and information intact in our database. All your information should be used for fulfilling and shipping your order as per your instructions.


We can still gather and store some information like IP Address, type of browser and operating system used, date and time you access our website, country/ state/ city from which you are browsing our website, Landing Pages and Pages while browsing our website This information has not personally identified you and has not linked back to you.

  • We ship products from India.
  • All Rakhi Orders placed till 11 AM IST on 22th August, 2015 will be Guaranteed delivered on or before 29th August, 2015 on priority basis.
  • All Orders placed after 22nd August., 2015  will be delivered on priority basis, but we can not guarantee you for delivery on or before 29th August, 2015 (Raksha Bandhan).
  • Products will be shipped exactly as shown but in case of last moment shortage, similar and equally good products will be shipped.